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  1. Brian’s ASM S2K Photo Shoot

    February 28, 2010 by Christian · Filed Under: Misc

    Since everyone has waited so patiently, I am happy to post the pictures from Brian’s shoot. These pictures were for his display board at Wekfest (those pics should be up soon). Anyways here you go… also don’t forget to take a look at our photo gallery.


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  2. Wekfest 2010!!!

    by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Featured News

    What a show!!!! So many cars and so many more people. The show was a success and the roll in went pretty smooth. Some teasers will be up tonight and the rest of the pics will be up by tomorrow, too many pictures to go through and edit. Also, the photo shoot that we did for Brian’s S2K will be up later tonight. If you were at the show and saw Brian’s car, along with the photos from the shoot were there. Mr. Jimmy Uy  completed his car at 2am the morning of the show, so congrats to him. It was a good thing that Matthel had me make him a display board for the show, his car seemed like the center of attention every time a group of people passed by. As I was leaving the show, the fire marshall was heading into the garage, I wonder if it was passed the max occupancy of the garage… Any ways stay tuned, and check back here later tonight and tomorrow for  A LOT of pictures…

  3. Another teaser…

    February 17, 2010 by Christian · Filed Under: Misc

    Finished up Brian’s photo  hoot this evening, if you want to see why we are being so secretive about these shoots, come and join us at Wekfest in Japantown on the 28th and see for yourself… ;)

  4. Camera Rig Test

    February 14, 2010 by Christian · Filed Under: Misc

    So today we made a camera rig for rolling shots, thanks to the help of Jimmy Uy. Here is a test shot with the rig…



    Don’t worry, better pics will come with time, this is just a test.


    How did we do it? Well we acquired some suction cups, 10ft in piping, and a ghetto camera mount (will be replaced soon with a magic arm).


    This is pre editing



    with photoshop, you want to clone out the pole and do whatever touching up you want to do. This again was a test, I know the picture isn’t perfect.

    Stay tuned for some awesome pictures in the near future.