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  1. Wekfest V – San Jose

    July 29, 2013 by Christian · Filed Under: Events

    Wekfest San Francisco, some call it the Super Bowl of car shows, was held in San Jose this year. This is the 5th year of the show and it celebrates 5 years of success, as it has shows now all over the America. Wekfest had a modest start in a Japantown garage in SF, branching off of what was once called JDM Theory. Being at the San Jose convention center, I feel it had lost that grass roots touch, not to say that it is a bad thing. I expected it to be bigger this year since it was at the convention center, but they had a few halls put together and crammed all the cars together. As usual the hall was packed with people, I could barely take pictures. Cars, music, models… in the end it was a successful car show.



























    We don’t know why, but this EGarage’s WRB tucked in the back corner of the hall

























    ATS ANH’s Type R – This is the last time you will see it at a show

























    This was freaking cool! We have never seen anything like this at a show…

























    Our buddy Ray all the way from Las Vegas

























    This reminded us of Jimmy’s EG when he had a mildly tucked SOHC motor

























    This car should look familiar…

























    This JDM converted Civic repping MemoryFab

























    Really diggin’ this Fiat 500 Abarth

























    Is this enough lip for you?!

























    We can’t get enough of these RWB’s


















































    Check out our facebook page for more pictures!

  2. The 8th Annual Shop BBQ

    July 1, 2013 by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Misc

    We can’t believe that this was our 8th BBQ. As always thanks for everyone that come out and enjoyed the day with us. This years BBQ wasn’t as big or as extravagant as years past, but more people came through than we expected. We had plenty of meat, hot dogs, burgers and drinks to go around. Many of our regulars came out with their cars and even some new people that came out from the facebook groups we are on. The day was filled with music and sun, we are extremely lucky to have the BBQ in the middle of the heat wave that we have been having. Thanks again to those that made it, and to those that didn’t make it out, there is always next year.


    Early in the day setting up

























    We had a few more bikes come through than years past
























    Mike maning the grill






































    and Lam putting in some work










































    someone might recognize this NSX from a past issue of Honda Tuning

























    yea.. the sun was pretty intense that day

























    Everyone always wanting to see The Shops LS7 RX7

























    Something new this year… egg smash contest. The person that got the hard boiled egg won an air freshener and a free alignment






























































































    A super fun day it was. For more pictures visit our facebook at . Thanks again to everyone and we hope to see you guys next year!


  3. 2 Day Swap

    April 30, 2013 by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Misc, The Shop Projects

    So if you have been following on Facebook and Instagram, you know that we were working on Roni’s S2000 this past weekend. For you who don’t follow us, click that like and follow button! So here is the low down… Remember that wrecked S2000 that we stripped and chopped up, our friend Roni ended up buying the motor, transmission, and a few other things. Roni wanted a lower mileage motor and a new turbo setup. We will cover the turbo setup in the next post, but for now here is what happened ¬†from Saturday to Sunday.



    We started late Saturday afternoon, the goal of the day was to drop the motor and prep the new one to be lifted in on Sunday. We did the usually… Drain fluids, disconnect AC, cooling hoses and wire harness, and take out the old Greddy turbo kit.












    The new heart for Roni’s S2K.





    Roni’s old turbo… goodbye friend…





    Here is the old turbo kit.






    So once everything was disconnected we decided to take a break. Dinner was on Roni, we ordered 2 King Kong sized pizzas (about 26 inches) and some wings. Just a big old family dinner!






    Some motor prep… that includes an upgraded clutch!





    Last minute checks before we drop it.





    The time had come, the engine hoist was connected to the motor and the subframe was unbolted and we began lowering the motor.











    More engine prep, just making sure everything that needs to be on the new motor is on.





    So, we decided to actually bolt up the motor Saturday night and be done with most of the difficult parts of the swap.





    Instead of helping Lam we just laughed and took pictures of him.





    With the motor in, we decided to call it a night… a late night, we ended up finishing around midnight.





    So with Day 1 finished we sat around The Shop for a little bit before we headed home. Sunday was the day to button everything up, run all the lines, and connect all the wires. As a thank you Roni threw a BBQ at The Shop. Beer, Steak, Oysters, we had it all. As you can imagine nothing much really got done during the day, we ended working on the car later in the afternoon… AGAIN!



    BBQ ain’t a BBQ with out beer.





    12lbs of Tri Tip.








    Some super bomb ribs!










    With any of our BBQ’s, there is always some clowning around.






    Our BBQ’s also mean family time!





    As the BBQ slowed down, work on the car began again… our resident S2000 expert, Joey, came to lend a hand.






    While work on the car continued so did the BBQ.




    Almost time to start it up… Fluids going in!




    Shifter going in and ECU





    Buttoning everything up and about to start.




    and she’s done! for now.





    We ended up finishing it up around 0230. We ran into some problems with the immobilizer, but that is nothing some research online couldn’t fix. Big thank you to everyone that got a little dirty with this swap and even bigger thank you to those who stayed into the early morning hours. The new turbo setup should be in within the week, we’ll have a post about it when it happens… also when it gets tuned.

  4. Extreme Autofest

    July 28, 2011 by Jimmy · Filed Under: Events, Featured News

    The Shop San Bruno will be attending Extreme Autofest this year. We will be unveiling the RXLS7 so if you are planning on attending the event stop by and check out our latest



    Extreme Autofest



  5. The Shop San Bruno’s 6th Annual BBQ

    May 31, 2011 by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Featured News


  6. Japan Relief Gathering 4.3.2011

    March 23, 2011 by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Featured News, Misc

    Hey everyone! Join us on April 3, 2011 in San Francisco to help raise money for those in Japan.

  7. Bob’s Donuts Track Day 11.26.10

    November 28, 2010 by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Featured News

    The Shop and its affiliates attended Bob’s Donuts’s annual track day at Buttonwillow this year as we do every year. Because of the 4 day weekend it is usually a big outing for The Shop. Matthel brought out, for the first time since the LS1 swap, his RX-7. All but 2 of our associates brought out cars. It turned out to be a nice day as long as the sun was out. Everyone that paid for track time, got a CD of images of their own cars. I personally took some of my own pictures, but not as many as I usually do. There is a video of the RX-7 on the skid pad floating around, also go ahead and “Like” The Shop facebook page and take a peek. More pics are up in our gallery and even more pics can be found @

    RX-7 on the skid pad video: Click Here

    dsc0241-copy dsc0203-copy dsc0956-copy dsc0622-copy dsc0741-copy
  8. Thunder Hill Raceway 7.7.10

    July 8, 2010 by Christian · Filed Under: Events

    A small private event was hosted by our friend Alex Loi for his birthday at Thunder Hill in Willows, CA. The last time I was there our friend flipped his EK hatch after turn 1. The event turn out was good, not a lot of cars, but plenty of track time for everyone. I was posted at Turns 5 and 9 at the hills taking pictures in the morning before it got super hot out. There was 1 crash the whole day at the last turn, there is a video of it from the car behind, I will try to find it online later on. I was excited when the novice group came out to track because that is where the funny stuff happens. The novice group were spinning out, understeering, and bunching up everywhere. Our own Jimmy Uy and Matt both tracked their cars, Matt in the Crown Vic and Jimmy in his hatch (yes he tracked his little show piece). Overall it was a great, but tiring day. Pictures are now up in the gallery….


    Picture 1 of 120

    for even more pictures visit  C2 Photos by Christian Castro

  9. The Shop San Bruno’s Annual BBQ

    June 28, 2010 by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Featured News

    Just to recap on yesterdays events, it was a great success. By 11AM it was about 75-80 degrees out, needless to say it was a great day for a BBQ. We had a good amount of people show up with their cars, guys from ATS and WyldKardz to name a few. The BBQ lasted into the evening until the last oysters were gone. The day was filled with cars, food, and great company. If you missed out on this BBQ, we hope to see you next year as we celebrate another year in business. Thanks to everyone that came through to make this BBQ a success, and those that had a hand in organizing and putting it together.

    See pics below or in our gallery

    Oh and by the way, those shop shirts that you see are for sale for $15, we have ladies sizing as well…


    Picture 1 of 167

  10. The Shop’s Annual BBQ!

    June 24, 2010 by Christian · Filed Under: Events, Featured News

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is getting close to that time. The Shop’s annual BBQ is this Sunday June, 27, 2010. It is sure to be a big one this year. Come celebrate another great year in business, enjoy some food, great company, and best of all CARS!!!! for more information visit our facebook invite page here. Hope to see everyone there!