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  1. Project LEGAL RX7

    August 9, 2009 by Christian · Filed Under: Project RX7

    Thats right! The LS1 RX7 is officially STREET LEGAL. Matt recently brought the RX7 over to the State Referee for inspection. After 30 nerve wrenching minutes, the RX7 passed visual inspection and after an emissions check, the RX7 was passed by BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair), no more worries about getting pulled and getting his hood popped. Some pictures from the State Ref will be up soon.

    for more info contact The Shop @ 650.624.7467

    DSC_0074 copy

  2. Project RX7 – BBK

    July 6, 2009 by Christian · Filed Under: Project RX7
    Matt said his brakes were making noise, so he decided to finally put on his Big Brakes. They are 4 Pot “Racing Brake” and larger diameter rotor…
    All Pics were taken with a Nikon D90 17-35mm with SB-800 speedlight remotely fired

    Orignal Passenger side

    Side by side comparison of the new and old rotors

    Original Mazda 4 POT and new Racing Brake

    BBK Passenger Side

    BBK Driver Side

    Wheels on and it looks great

    Perfect fit

    Simon “working”

  3. THE SHOP Project – Matt’s LS1 RX7

    by Christian · Filed Under: Project RX7

    Getting ready to be dropped in…it took us 5 tries…oh well

    Prep time..

    It looks like they working hard, really they are just trying to figure out the dipstick situation

    It took about 5 tries, but we finally had the beast in place… 5.7L
    oh yea..can’t work without these
    Tuesday night, after all regular work was done, some more work resumed on the RX7…

    Fuel system was being put in place

    Measure once cut twice…or… nevermind

    Don’t trust me with tools…

    And of course we had to have some fun…

    1 week after the LS1 was fitted into the engine bay of the FD, we had a BBQ that I was late for, because of stupid management decisions, a stupid coworker, and a mishap with a catering truck and a 747. Work on the car was off and on, but nothing can beat food, great company, and CARS!!! Anyways I will let the pictures tell you what happened at the end of the night…

    Can’t have a BBQ without it

    Getting ready
    We had an audience to this great moment

    …and all it does is turn…
    until next time….
    Just to update everyone, Monday afternoon the 5.7L beast awoke. No pictures from that day, but some other pictures from the previous day. The FD is about 97-98% done, just little things here and there…

    Jeffs AP1

    Pretty flush…



    Chauder and Kat

    Roni hiding his nose

    Last time we saw Gordon’s STi

    I spell a wager going on…

    The smell of defeat…
    So…just some random pics of the build, as requested by Matt..enjoy

    First and foremost…. The Nikon D90 freaking ROCKS!!! Anyways the RX7 drives now…here are some pics for you to enjoy, and currently the Video from my D90 is being uploaded, I will embed it here at about 8:30PM tonight, so sit tight.
    Further more, these pics were taken with the D90 using a Nikkor 18-105 mm…

    Good evening, or morning in this case. With pretty much everything done on the RX7 it made its debut tonight. With a crowd at Tap Ex celebrating the life of Daisuke Kaneko, may he rest in peace, Matt rolled up to a shocked crowd. He parked gave it a little rev, ok it sounded larger than a little, a fan club came walking up. Today the headlights went on and rain x, because wipers don’t work still. Few things need to be addressed: power steering, aiming of the headlights, wipers, side skirts, exhaust, and some interior pieces…oh and this…

    Interview with Alex and Matthel of The Shop from Christian Castro on Vimeo.

    A friend once said, mechanics always have the best fun ;)

    Lights kind of on, Lip on…

    … we also put Spencer’s hard top on… what a P.I.T.A… I don’ even want to think about it…

    So as this build comes to an end, Matt treated everyone involved with the build, and a couple that had nothing to do with it…go figure…haha. Anways some quick pics of the car, super bad lighting conditions, I know. A proper shoot will follow soon…