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NSX Window Regulator Day at The Shop San Bruno

October 4, 2011 by Christian · Filed Under: Misc


“On Sunday October 2, 2011 eight NSX’s met at The Shop San Bruno to install the much needed window upgrade developed by fellow NSX owner (Hugo Almeida) from Portugal.

To start from the beginning, through NSXPrime I have been in communication with Hugo asking if he had any plans to return to the United States (specifically San Francisco California) to assist NSX owners with the installation of his window upgrade kit. As it turned out Hugo informed me he could extend his trip while in the US to attend NSXPO in New Jersey and fly out to San Francisco California.
Once Hugo gave confirmation of the dates he would be available, I went to The Shop in San Bruno and spoke with the owner Matthel Ma. As I described to Matthel what I was planning, I then asked if he would open his shop on Sunday October 2, 2011 for this window upgrade meet? Matthel didn’t hesitate and said yes immediately. After thanking Matthel, I then posted on NSXPrime that a friend of mine had agreed to host this event at his shop.

The Shop San Bruno was perfect as there was enough room to accommodate the eight NSX’s comfortably and tables were available as make shift work benches to perform the install of the window upgrade kit in the NSX window regulators.”


-Mike Cruz ( NSX Prime )




























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